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BROOM is a company focused on providing ecological cleaning services on a professional level for businesses and households in Bratislava and the surrounding area. Our aim is to provide high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly cleaning services that do not harm the environment or endanger people's health. We only use high-quality natural cleaning products and compostable materials to clean any and all premises. We strive to minimize waste production and we are particular about using cleaning products which are not tested on animals. We work with love for nature and we care about the future of this planet. That's the reason why we use 100% natural cleaning products that have no negative impact on the environment.


What do we use for eco cleaning?

We mainly use ecological cleaning products from the company CHISTEE. We chose the products from the company CHISTEE mainly because they have exceptional cleaning and antibacterial properties, are made from natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable.

The Ecological CHISTEE cleaning products create a long-lasting healthy environment in your home and work environment. The products come from Slovakia, thus leaving almost no carbon footprint.

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Chemicals used in common cleaning products

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"We are extremely pleased with the company Broom. They execute their work with ease and to a high professional level. The communication with the company is without any problems, and we are also grateful for their sustainable approach in regards to the materials used during their work."

Juliana Gubišová – Office Manager Madness Advertising k.s.

"We were looking for a company specialized in providing ecological cleaning services which we fortunately found in the company Broom, coupled together with a personal approach, great communication and a quick response to our growing demands"

Lucia Hô-Chí – Managing editor Folk Publishing s.r.o

“We started cooperation with the company broom because we were not satisfied with the services of another company providing cleaning services. I can only confirm that their professional attitude is of a high standard, be it in the case of providing general one-time cleaning services or regular weekly cleaning.”

Mira Frantová – Head of Operations Mercurtrade s.r.o

“I would like to recommend the Broom company concept to other clients. The cooperation is helpful, we can always rely on them. The provided cleaning services are provided on a high professional level and at the same time on a zero-waste basis. In the cleaning company Broom, they are always punctual, consistent and we can fully trust them to do the job.”

Peter Faltus Chistee

“The cooperation with the cleaning company Broom was excellent from the beginning on. I like their eco concept, bio cleaning products and a sense of cleanliness. They have always cleaned up well, were reliable and always lived up to our agreements. They clean my apartment repeatedly even in my absence. I would certainly recommend the company to many others and I will gladly continue to use their services.“

Andrea Talavašková ARTISARA fashion

“We are extremely satisfied with the services of the company Broom. We would like to emphasize their professional approach, reliability and quality of services performed.“

Ing. Milan Fedors – konateľ Fedors Group, s.r.o

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