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Regular ecological cleaning services

Do you own a business, restaurant, office or do you lack the time to keep your home tidy and in a state, you want it to be? Order Broom's regular ecological cleaning services for Bratislava and its surrounding area. As part of our environmental cleaning services, we provide regular cleaning of your company, household, as well as businesses and restaurants. We will always keep your space clean, healthy and in harmony. In addition, we use natural products that are nontoxic and do not harm your family, colleagues, or any of your pets in the process of cleaning. The use of ecological cleaners is not harmful to nature, which not only helps to maintain a healthy household but also your whole environment, all at the same time. Our regular ecological Broom cleaning services are available to you in Bratislava and the surrounding area.

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Ecological cleaning services Broom

Mgr. Katarína Kočicová

email: tel. číslo: +421 944 261 723

Vištuk 368, 90085 Vištuk

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