Chemikálie v bežne používaných prípravkoch |

Chemicals used in common cleaning products

Which various chemicals are contained in the cleaning products that we normally use in our homes for cleaning? Do cleaning products have a negative impact on our health? What health related consequences can be result of using cheap cleaning products? What cleaning products should we use? I will happily provide the answers to these as well as other questions in this article!

All our lives we have been accustomed to using common cleaning products we are all familiar with through various ads and TV commercials. What is however not mentioned in the ads, is the fact that many, or most of these products contain substances that cause various diseases and health complications. Our household, after using these products undoubtedly looks great and clean (but only seemingly as the bacteria become resistant to the products over time), but in the end, by constantly using these products, we are constantly living in a toxic and for us and our health dangerous environment. Here are a few examples of what the cleaning products, we normally use, can contain.


Universal cleaning products 

They contain ammonia, o-phenyl phenol, DEA, TEA, tar colorants, parabens, perfumes, detergents, d-limonene. The frequent use of such agents is not recommended. -

Furniture and floor cleaning products 

They contain carcinogenic nitrobenzene, phenols, propane, butane, petroleum derivatives, turpentine, morpholine, perfumes. -

Glass Cleaners 

Most contain ammonia, tar colorants, waxes. -

Toilet cleaning products 

They contain ammonium chloride, dichlorobenzene, cough-inducing hydrochloric acid which can cause breathing difficulties, sodium sulphate inducing asthma attacks.