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Ecological household cleaning

It is important to keep the household in which we live always clean and in harmony. Unfortunately, in these hectic times, we do not always pay as much attention to cleaning of our household as we should, even though it is the environment in which we spend the most time. Understandibly, cleaning is not an activity most people look forward to doing on a daily basis.Use your spare time for yourself, your family, friends and hobbies. Do not let yourself be drawn into doing an activity that bothers you and takes up your spare time. Make the most of your time!The ecological Broom cleaning service will help you make better use of your time and keep your household clean and healthy at all times. Take advantage of our regular or one-time eco-cleaning services in Bratislava, which do not harm the environment and keep your household in a 100% state. We care about your health and the health of our planet, which is the reason why our ecological Broom cleaning services use only natural cleaning products that do not have a negative impact on your health, or the health of your family or your pet. We provide our ecological cleaning services in Bratislava and its surrounding area.

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Ecological household cleaning KLASIK includes:

  • carpet vacuuming and floor cleaning
  • wiping dust from accessible places (cabinets, tables, etc.)
  • cleaning up bathrooms and toilets
  • taking out the garbage

One-off general cleaning includes:

  • Ecological cleaning KLASIK
  • washing windows, window frames, blinds, window sills
  • wiping of the dust from drawers and light switches
  • wiping off the doors and doorframes
  • wiping off the kitchen and kitchen appliances
  • washing the tiles and removing calcium deposits and residue
  • cleaning of glass surfaces

Also please read about steam cleaning, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and helps reduce allergic reactions. You can also order this type of cleaning from our offer of ecological cleaning services in Bratislava!

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