Steam cleaning of households and offices |

Steam cleaning of households and offices

Water steam is an all-natural, reliable and proven method of cleaning, which kills up to 99% of all bacteria. As this method of cleaning is not only extremely effective but also environmentally friendly, it is an integral part of our provided ecological cleaning services. If you have small children, problems with allergies, or a house pet, we definitely recommend this method of cleaning! Keep your home or office clean and healthy at all times. Make use of our environmentally friendly Broom cleaning services in Bratislava, so that the environment around you is always perfectly clean!

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Benefits of steam cleaning

  • non-toxic chemical-free cleaning
  • steam cleaning removes all unwanted odors
  • removes mold
  • steam removes all grease from the kitchen
  • when polishing surfaces, glasses and mirrors, the polishes and prevents streaks.
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  • regular steaming prevents scale build-up in the future
  • suitable for children and allergy sufferers

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